Frank Chirwa (born 31st July 1985), also known by the stage names of Afunika is a Zambian musician from the Copperbelt, Chingola. his image and charisma is brought out in his music dubbed ‘New Version of Kalindula’. He has so far recorded four albums to his name. Some of the albums include ‘Malinso’, ‘Wounded Buffalo’ and ‘Ichimusebo’.

“ Not Guilty” was his début album. Some of the albums include ‘Malinso’, ‘Wounded Buffalo’ and ‘Ichimusebo’. He has collaborated with some of Zambia’s greatest artists in the music business like Macky 2, Jk, Pj. He has performed extensively all over Zambia and internationally. His unique stage performance has become one of his trademarks with his audiences.