….says the man can even promise to build a Bridge where there is no River.

PATRIOTIC FRONT (PF) Member of the Central Committee Hon Joseph Malanji has scoffed at opposition UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema for attempting to use lies in order to get votes on the August 12 General Elections.

MCC Malanji, alias Bonanza, said Mr Hichilema suffers from an impulse control disorder which makes him say things that people would want to hear.

The PF Parliamentary Candidate for Kitwe’s Kwacha Constituency on the Copperbelt said the opposition leader can go to the extent of promising to build a Bridge where there is no River adding that if people told him that “there is no River here,” he would say “I will equally bring the River.”

He said this when he met Civil Servants in Manyinga District of North Western Province whom he advised not to be carried away by politicians who did not mean well for the Country.

The incoming Kwacha Lawmaker said Mr Hichilema speaks ill of programs intended for the good of the people such as the Debt Swap initiative.

“Here we say Debt Swap ati ah babela ma Civil Servants. Babela bwanji ma Civil Servants? Debt Swap is Debt Swap.

Whichever company they borrowed from, the interest will come down because they are being paid immediately. So were is the challenge?”

“Most of these politicians the problem I have seen is an impulse control disorder.

When they see people they want to say what people would want to hear. Ine ngati nabwelapo at 10:00hrs, by 12:00 the exchange rate nishi yachinja.

These are the people who will even tell you I will come and build the Bridge where there is no River.

Mukanivotela I will build a Bridge here, when you say there is no River here, then they will say even Rivers I will bring,” he said.

Meanwhile, Hon Malanji urged the Civil Servants in Manyinga to register a Cooperative in form of Village Banking through which he can render financial support in the similar manner he has done for Civil Servants in his Constituency, in Mufumbwe, Mwinilunga, Lwampa, Lukulu and a few other districts he has been to.

“If marketeers in Kwacha can grow K150,000 which I gave them in 2018 to over K1,800,000 in 2021, what more can you achieve with a similar grant? Today, marketeers in Ipusukilo own a Bus from the initiative.

And immediately it leaves my hands, that becomes public Money which they have to coordinate responsibly.

We can achieve far much more if we work together.”

He also took a swipe at immediate past UPND area Member of Parliament Robert Lihefu for failure to deliver saying Manyinga constituency is not a Labour Office that any Job seeker can take advantage of.

“When was the last time your former Member of Parliament held a familiazation meeting with you? Is his association of any benefit to your welfare? What is his networking? Ask yourselves these questions.

I believe the role of a well connected representative of the people should also be to assist you become better.

I am securing land in Mufumbwe to build 260 Houses for Civil Servants, I have already done that my Civil Servants in Kwacha – we have given Rosa Buses to Schools in my Constituency and Civil Servants are enjoying a revolving fund similar to a Village Banking setup! Why can’t we do that for you here?”

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