Chef 187 pleads with fans to forgive his brother Macky 2 over the political song for the out going ruling party Patriotic Front. The rapper also asked fans to stop comparing him with is brother cause we all learn from mistakes and live to learn.

He wrote: History has been made. This is the Zambia we believe in, and it didn’t let us down. What a time to be alive, and what a statement for Africa, and the rest of the world. Maybe now you can forgive Macky 2 and stop tagging me in his posts, and making comparisons between us. Nga fyashupa atapilile fye pa State House fipwile mo.

Towela Kaira who’s also the sister the Macky 2 was also spotted in the comment section of the brother (Macky 2) via a Facebook post where the rapper was sending congratulatory remarks to the 7th Republican President Of Zambia Mr Hakainde Hichilema.

Towela Kaira Wrote: Indeed we are starting afresh ????abena Zambia kulabako fimo ?? nafipwa sorini sorini ??muntu wesu uyu!! Lead love lead

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