“Nkalalolela” is a soul-stirring gospel video song that showcases the extraordinary vocal prowess of Zambia’s greatest vocalist, Chester, fondly known as “More Powa” for the sheer power and depth in his voice. The song is a collaborative masterpiece, featuring the award-winning Kopala artist, Tipple M, who adds a unique flavor to the musical composition.

The song seamlessly blends Bemba and English, creating a harmonious fusion that resonates with a diverse audience. The lyrics of “Nkalalolela” are deeply rooted in faith and hope, carrying a powerful message about patiently waiting for the blessings of God. Chester’s emotive delivery and Tipple M’s distinct style come together to create a musical experience that transcends cultural and linguistic boundaries.

The gospel video is a visual feast, capturing the essence of the song through stunning cinematography and choreography. The storyline unfolds with scenes that reflect the journey of faith, featuring Chester and Tipple M in diverse settings that symbolize perseverance, prayer, and unwavering belief in divine timing.

The video opens with a picturesque landscape, symbolizing the vastness of God’s blessings. As the song progresses, viewers are taken on a visual journey that includes heartfelt moments of worship, community, and celebration. The collaboration between Chester and Tipple M is not just a musical partnership; it’s a shared spiritual experience that is evident in their on-screen chemistry.

The chorus, where the title “Nkalalolela” is passionately sung, becomes a powerful mantra, instilling a sense of optimism and patience in the hearts of the audience. The video crescendos with a climactic scene, symbolizing the manifestation of God’s blessings, leaving viewers inspired and uplifted.

“Nkalalolela” is not just a gospel song; it’s a musical testimony of faith, unity, and the enduring belief that blessings will come to those who patiently wait. Chester and Tipple M’s collaboration has created a timeless piece that transcends genres, leaving an indelible mark on the Zambian music scene.


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