Chile One MrZambia IS IN LOVE WITH Mwizukanji .


It is not a secret the Fwebakuchaume hit song maker has a huge crush on Mwizukanji. Sometime back before he became famous he tried his luck, however, it didn’t end well, he was told the sweetest words every guy doesn’t like hearing from the girl he is love with, especially at the proposing stage, he was told the famous “You know what, you are a good guy, you will find a better person bla blah blah blah….”

Everybody thought the Village songs hit maker had accepted his fate. It seems the “Make Me Understand” song wasn’t just a song for his fans, the only difference is that in real life the woman doesn’t like him unlike in the song were the woman was in love, it seems he was singing about his situation. Regardless of being rejected countless times. He has taken it to social media to openly propose Mwizu.

Many are saying he is just causing confusion and would disturb Mwizukanji especially after she said yes to her new man. Do you think Chile One has a chance or he should just stick to making hit songs for Chilanga Mulilo especially this season when most people tend to marry. Is he childish or he is being fearless? Tell us what you think.

Those that would want this couple. Start a social media campaign, let’s make sure our boy gets a chance. Cause early next year will have to go KWISABI and if Chile One will be heart broken no one will make us songs to play that side when fishing. Follow the page for all inside information on this matter. We might just go and match or protest.