Residents; the roads are bad in Lusaka; we are spending too much money on cost of vehicle repairs. Kuya bebele!

Government; L400, all township roads done.

Residents: UTH can’t cope, we are dying. It was made when the population of Lusaka was 300,000. Kuya bebele.

Government; Level One Hospitals in Matero, Chilenje, Upgraded clinics in Chawama and Kanyama townships. New UTH Cancer Hospital. New Levy Mwanawasa Teaching Hospital and Medical University. New Lusaka Specialized Hospital. New Maina Soko Medical Centre.

Residents: Traffic Congestion in Lusaka, we are spending 3 hrs in traffic. Kuya bebele!

Government; Lusaka Decongestion Project; main roads widened to four lanes, fly-over bridges at most busy inter-pass built. New traffic lights installed to regulate flow.

Residents; Load-shedding. We can’t be without power for 6-12hrs. We won’t buy gensets like Nigerians. Kuya bebele!

Government; Bane there is drought, our power generation stations are hydro!

Residents; Kuya bebele!

Government; Lusaka S-MFEZ 54Mw Solar Farm.

Residents; Kuya bebele!

Government; Kafue Gorge Lower Hydropower Project 750MW. No more load-shedding!

Residents; Lusaka is dark, crime is rising. Kuya bebele!

Government; New security cameras installed, street lights muli imwe!

Residents: Water shortage, Lusaka townships have no sewer system, Lusaka is flooding. Kuya bebele!

Government;Lusaka Water Supply, Sanitation and Drainage (LWSSD) Project. Project improves water supply, sanitation and drainage systems in selected townships of Lusaka City.

Residents; baka pokola have no uniforms, they live in tin-roofed elephant homes. Kuya bebele!

Government; new police uniforms, new houses for Police and other security personnel.

Residents; cost of living is high, cost of food basket is high, Kuya bebele!

Government; Bane kuli Covid-19 pandemic! Countries are closed, import lines are closed, factories and manufacturing hubs across the world are closed, cost of foodstuffs and cost of living has gone up everywhere!

But here is Covid-19 relief, here is the debt swap, here is debt dismantling and restructuring for you public workers!

Residents; kuya bebele!

Government; mmmm, ba Lusaka muletasha. Let’s go you vote for us!

Lusaka is NOT Zambia, we have to look at the entire Zambia!


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