Celeb City Feat. Xaven Kopala Queen - Me More | LATEST ZAMBIAN 2023
Celeb City Feat. Xaven Kopala Queen - Me More | LATEST ZAMBIAN 2023

Celeb City Feat. Xaven Kopala Queen – Me More | LATEST ZAMBIAN 2023

“Me More” is an unexpected and delightful departure from Celeb City’s typically controversial rap style. In this romantic track, they team up with Xaven, the Kopala Queen, one of the best female rappers from Copperbelt Province, Zambia. Sung in Bemba, the song showcases a different facet of Celeb City’s artistic versatility.

The music unfolds with a melodic and soulful beat that sets the mood for a heartfelt love story. The collaboration between Celeb City and Xaven adds a unique dynamic to the song, blending their rap skills with melodic vocal delivery, creating an engaging narrative.

Lyrically, “Me More” is a love song that explores the depths of affection and desire. The lyrics express the passionate longing and admiration that the artists have for each other, weaving a tale of romance and connection. Celeb City and Xaven deliver their verses with a blend of lyrical prowess and emotional vulnerability, making the song relatable and endearing.

The chorus, which may repeat the phrase “Me More” (“Love Me More” or “Want Me More”), becomes an enchanting and catchy refrain that lingers in the listener’s mind, reinforcing the theme of love and desire.

Despite its departure from their controversial style, Celeb City maintains their artistic integrity by infusing “Me More” with their signature authenticity and creativity. This romantic collaboration demonstrates their versatility as artists and their ability to connect with a broader audience while staying true to their roots.

In summary, “Me More” is a charming and emotionally resonant romantic song by Celeb City featuring Xaven, the Kopala Queen. It combines the best of both worlds, merging rap and melodious vocals to deliver a heartfelt and captivating love story that is sure to leave listeners wanting more.


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