…..as he labels UPND as a tribal party

Advocates of National Development and Democracy (ANDD) has implored leaders of opposition parties in the country to emulate President Edgar Chagwa Lungu in denouncing tribalism in the country.

ANDD Executive Director Samuel Banda has noted that His Excellency President Lungu used every opportunity to denounce the vice.

Mr Banda said when he featured on KBN’s Lunch Time Chat Show today that tribalism is retrogressive as it is a recipe for anarchy.

“Tribalism is bad. We clap for the late Dr Kenneth Kaunda for not perpetrating the vice.

We commend His Excellency, President Edgar Chagwa Lungu because he denounces the vice at all levels.

He understands that we are one Zambia,” he said.

“Other political leaders need to emulate the Head of State in denouncing tribalism. Zambia should vote for development not on tribal lines.

Tribalism will never bring development.”

And Mr Banda called on political leaders to preach peace and unity ahead of the 12 August polls.

He applauded the Head of State for taking a vital step to ensure that peace and unity is upheld in the country.

“We are happy with the position President Edgar Lungu has been taking to ensure that he promotes peace, unity and denouncing tribalism at all levels.

We can only have peace if are leaders are committed to the cause,” he said.

“Unfortunately we have noticed some few political players who have been promoting violence and try to destabilize the peace out forefathers worked for. Some leaders are too bitter.

They always want to lay a foundation for anarchy.

Thank God the people of Zambia have refused to take party.”

Meanwhile, Mr Banda labeled the opposition UPND as a tribal party.

He disclosed that 80 percent of the candidates in the party come from one named region, proof that the party’s existence boarders on tribal lines.

The ANDD Executive Director detested tribalism saying that if a president is voted into power on tribal lines only one region is likely to benefit from public coffers.

He advised electorates to vote for a candidate who is willing to develop all comers of the country without leaving anyone behind.


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