Popular Social Media Apps – Facebook & WhatsApp seem to start working for most Zambian Users after being blocked for over 48 hours. Most Zambian Users started using VPN apps to access the two apps.

You can disable your VPN if you are using one to access these apps now.  Below are some Advantages & Disadvantages of using VPN apps.


  1. Free VPN means risk
  2. Quality VPN is costly
  3. Sometimes slow internet speed
  4. VPN blocker technology exists
  5. Difficult to configure sometimes
  6. Not built for all devices


  1. Protect your online identity
  2. Secure online connections (If You Have A Good Paid VPN)
  3. Bypass geo-blocking
  4. Prevent bandwidth throttling
  5. Bypass firewalls
  6. Better online gaming experience
  7. Avoid price discrimination


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