Hakainde Hichilema Fires Kingsley Chanda


Great Evening ZRA family


As you might know my agreement has been ended.

Allow me to make a move to thank you for the collaboration and the outcomes we on the whole accomplished over the most recent 5 years of my agreement. There is no question ZRA has been changed and it’s commitment to the country is apparent.

Kindly note that the situation of CG is an Official arrangement and the choice by the new President is totally all together. I will actually say thanks to him for the chance to work with him for a couple of days in my new agreement.

My enticement for you is that if it’s not too much trouble, keep working with a similar assurance and responsibility. Our nation frantically needs incomes and ZRA is basic to the achievement of government. If it’s not too much trouble, support the new Chief General and the new government.

I leave an exceptionally pleased colleague and I supplicate you won’t bring down the bar in spite of my convenient flight.

In conclusion permit me to thank all the citizens for the help during my residency of office.

Kingsley Chanda

Kingsley Chanda