Talented singer and song writer, Jerome Arab drops the visualizer for his new love song entitled, ‘Camomile and Honey‘.

Story Behind the track and how it came to be.

The song is one that started over a cup of herbal tea. I started thinking about the benefits of the cuppa and then how I felt about the brew. This led to me comparing the little episode to one of the most beautiful and probably the sweetest experience known to mankind, intercourse.
This made me realise there is so much more to sex than just intercourse. There is the generalised experience between sexes also known as general sex and followed by personalised leading into intercourse but the key was in letting each part brew long enough to get the best out of the full experience of the cuppa before the water goes cold.
I am not sure whether I am talking about the tea or sex but the track is probably my take on the birds and the bees talk.

Check out the offering below.

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