JM Blue Spac Feat Masiha & Lunda Boy - Meya || Download mp3

In a heartfelt collaboration, North Western Province’s greatest rapper, JM BLUE SPAC, joins forces with the artist with the coolest voice, MAISHA, and the region’s most loved rapper, LUNDA BOY, to create a romantic masterpiece titled “MEYA.” Sung in the enchanting languages of Luvale and Lunda, this song weaves a tapestry of love, passion, and the cultural richness of the North Western Province.

The track opens with JM BLUE SPAC’s bold rap verses, setting the tone for the romantic narrative. MAISHA’s vocals, showcasing the coolest voice in the collaboration, add a layer of sensuality, while LUNDA BOY’s verses bring a distinctive local flavor, intertwining seamlessly with the melodious backdrop.

“MEYA,” meaning love, unfolds as a poetic expression of romance, with each artist contributing their unique style. The chorus, where the title is passionately sung, becomes a melodic anchor, resonating with the essence of the romantic theme. The blend of Luvale and Lunda languages adds an authentic touch, creating a cross-cultural experience that celebrates the diversity of the region.

The music video, set against the picturesque landscapes of North Western Province, captures the artists in evocative scenes that mirror the lyrical romance. Cinematic shots of lush scenery, intimate moments, and cultural elements enhance the visual storytelling, creating a captivating narrative that transcends language barriers.

“MEYA” is not just a romantic song; it’s a cultural celebration and a testament to the talent emerging from North Western Province. JM BLUE SPAC, MAISHA, and LUNDA BOY’s collaboration creates a harmonious blend of rap, soulful vocals, and local flavor, leaving an indelible mark on the Zambian music landscape. This romantic ballad is poised to become a timeless ode to love in the heart of Zambia’s Northwestern beauty.

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