…As he castigates HH for irresponsibly promising to sell military hardware…

DECISIONS such as state take over of Mopani mine and internalizing the benefits thereof are what will result in the appreciation of Kwacha against major currencies and not the ’10 to 14hrs’ magic lies the opposition are peddling as advised by a fake deported online prophet, Hon. Stephen Kampyongo has said.

And the former Minister of home affairs, Mr Kampyongo, who is also PF parliamentary candidate for Shiwangandu, says poor people across the country are now able to access good health care because of the health facilities the PF government has built across the country.

“people (opposition) today can say we will employ doctors simply because there are hospitals that we have built.” he added

Meanwhile, the former lawmaker said the PF government has, apart from capacitating the men and women in uniform with modern equipment to do their work, provided them with descent accommodation for the first time since Kaunda days.

Mr Kampyongo explained that Zambia Airforce has a responsibility of safeguarding the airspace, and the Patriotic Front government has invested heavily in procuring fighting equipment among them Aircraft.

The former minister expressed shock at the reckless remarks by the opposition leader of selling the equipment meant to safeguard the country if they ever formed government stating that “no development could thrive in the absence of peace.”

He said that after conducting a thorough interrogation of party’s manifestos of the main contenders, only the Patriotic Front had documented how it will continue to address the warfare of the defense and national security because President Lungu placed premium on the security of the state.

And Hon. Kampyongo has said opposition Leaders such as Mr Wynter Kabimba, Edith Nawakwi, Dr. Canisius Banda, Peter Sinkamba and GBM have elected to throw their weight behind President Lungu without signing any fake pacts abandoning mr Hichilema because a review of the two leaders demonstrated that president Lungu represented sound leadership.

He was speaking at the second PF virtual campaign rally at mulungushi conference centre on Wednesday.


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