Peruvian President Francisco Sagasti has commended Zambia for maintaining stability in the country as well as playing a vital role in promoting peace and security since independence.

President Sagasti has since expressed his government’s commitment towards building cordial trade relations with Zambia in Mining, Manufacturing, Textiles, Pharmaceuticals and Agriculture.

The Peruvian President was speaking in Lima, Peru during a virtual ceremony, when he received letters of credence from Zambia’s Ambassador to Brazil with extra-accreditation to Peru, Dr. Alfreda Kansembe-Mwamba.

He said the presence of Zambia at the ceremony is significant for the two countries and reflects the will to continue consolidating Peru’s presence in Zambia as an active and reliable partner and enhancing cooperation of the people and cultures.

President Sagatis said Peru is ready to open doors to consolidate stronger diplomatic cooperation in trade and investment.

The Peruvian President says the coordinated efforts and collaboration of Heads of States globally will allow nations to overcome the difficulties and historic challenges brought about by the effects of the corona-virus pandemic and its negative impact on health, economies and social status.

And Ambassador Kansembe- Mwamba thanked the Peruvian President for accepting the letters of credence as Ambassador with extra-accreditation to Peru, further appreciating the warm and friendly relations that exist between the two countries.

The Zambian Envoy said she will work hard and ensure trade negotiations commence in agricultural, health and manufacturing sectors which are backbones of attaining economic sustainability for Zambia.

She said the development of the manufacturing and agricultural sectors are critical in creating employment opportunities for the young people.

Countries that presented the letters of credence to President Sagasti were Zambia, Denmark, New Zealand, Ireland, Philippines, Burkina faso, Slovakia, Slovenia, Azerbaijan, Pakistan, Estonia, Vietnam and Cyprus.

The Peruvian economy is sustained by natural resources, especially mining in silver and copper which make up about 60 percent of Peru’s total exports.

Other important players in the Peruvian economy include agriculture, banking, manufacturing, and retail services.

Issued by: Grace Makowane,

First Secretary (Press and Public Relations)

Zambian Embassy, Brazil.



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