Alebwekelapo: Resounding Anthem for Edgar Lungu in 2026

In a historic collaboration, Zambia’s musical giants—Rich Bizzy, Shenky, Chester, Kadafi, and Dandy Crazy—join forces to craft a resounding political anthem titled “Alebwekelapo,” meaning “He Will Win Again” in anticipation of the 2026 Zambian General Elections. This song is not just a composition; it’s a powerful call to action, encouraging the nation to rally behind Edgar Lungu for a victorious campaign.

“Alebwekelapo” pulsates with an infectious rhythm that mirrors the heartbeat of a nation poised for change. Rich Bizzy’s emotive vocals, Shenky’s unique style, Chester’s commanding presence, Kadafi’s lyrical prowess, and Dandy Crazy’s iconic contributions create a symphony of voices that resonates with every Zambian, transcending regional and cultural boundaries.

The lyrics are a melodic narrative, weaving through the achievements, promises, and aspirations associated with Edgar Lungu’s leadership. The chorus becomes a rallying cry, echoing the collective belief in continuity and progress under his stewardship.

The music video, a visual spectacle, captures the vibrancy of Zambia’s landscapes, the energy of its people, and the unity embodied in the spirit of “Alebwekelapo.” Scenes of diverse communities coming together symbolize the strength that lies in national unity.

As the quintessential collaboration of Zambia’s greatest musical talents, “Alebwekelapo” is more than a song—it’s an anthem that sparks civic engagement, galvanizing citizens to participate in the democratic process. Rich Bizzy, Shenky, Chester, Kadafi, and Dandy Crazy use their artistry to inspire hope, solidarity, and a shared vision for a prosperous Zambia under the leadership of Edgar Lungu in the approaching 2026 elections.

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