Starface Feat Yo Maps – Epondi ~ Download MP3 | Latest Zambian 2023

“Epondi” is a remarkable Bemba song by one of Zambia’s most celebrated artists, Starface, featuring the highly acclaimed and award-winning Zambian singer, Yo Maps, who is currently at the top of the music scene in the country. The title of the song, “Epondi,” translates to “I am around” in English, and the track is a melodious representation of their combined talents.

The song “Epondi” is a blend of contemporary Zambian music with a Bemba touch. It showcases Starface’s rich vocal abilities and lyrical prowess, complemented by Yo Maps’ distinct and soulful voice. Together, they create a musical masterpiece that resonates with audiences across Zambia and beyond.

The theme of “Epondi” revolves around presence and connection. It conveys the message of being there for someone, offering support, and being present in their lives. The lyrics express a deep sense of togetherness, reassuring loved ones that no matter what, the singer is always available to provide comfort and companionship.

The song is set to a captivating melody with catchy rhythms, making it a popular choice on the Zambian music scene. The chorus, sung by both Starface and Yo Maps, is particularly powerful, leaving a lasting impression on the listener and evoking feelings of warmth and unity.

“Epondi” is not just a song; it’s an emotional journey that celebrates the importance of relationships and human connection. Starface and Yo Maps’ collaboration on this track exemplifies the beauty of Zambian music and its ability to convey heartfelt messages through captivating melodies and soul-stirring vocals. This song is undoubtedly a testament to the exceptional talent that Zambia has produced and continues to nurture in its music industry.


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