Let’s start our list off with one of the most popular ways to make money online. According to Google Trends, dropshipping’s popularity is rapidly growing, highlighting its viability as a way to make money online. With success stories about how an entrepreneur made $6,667 in eight weeks or how a store owner made six figures selling just one product, there’s plenty of proof that dropshipping is a real way to make money online.

From selling on locales like eBay and Etsy to arriving at your clients, this is what you need to know…

With Covid financially affecting a significant number of us, you might be pondering how you can make some additional money. Bringing in cash on the web, regardless of whether that is by selling garments on eBay or dispatching a private venture, can be an extraordinary method to make additional pay or start another income stream by and large.

In case you’re hoping to begin bringing in cash on the web, ensure you realize how to arrive at your clients and the best stages to utilize…

Sell clothes on eBay, Facebook Marketplace Depop and Vinted

Step by step instructions to bring in cash from the web
Step by step instructions to bring in cash from the web

There’s a market for the clothes you no longer wear, with eBay announcing that 12 million people in the UK bought a preloved item in 2020.

Sites like eBay, Facebook Marketplace, Depop and Vinted can help you turn your old clothes into cash:

eBay gives you access to millions of potential buyers, but takes a 10% cut of anything you sell (there’s 35p to pay per listing once you’ve used up your allocation of 1,000 free listings).
Facebook Marketplace is free to use and you can start selling straightaway if you already have a Facebook account, just list your item using the ‘marketplace’ button. Just be aware to keep safety in mind, as you’ll have to deal with face-to-face buyers.

Depop is popular with millennial and Gen-Z audiences looking for vintage or branded bargains. Like eBay, you pay a 10% fee on sales.
Vinted is popular with young people looking for vintage clothing. There are no fees for sellers and you can get set up straight away with a Google or Facebook account.

Fill out online surveys

How to make money online
How to make money online

Survey companies like Swagbucks, i-Say and Crowdology offer either cash or vouchers in return for filling out surveys. Simply sign up to start earning.

Just be aware, survey lengths often dictate how much you’ll get paid, so sometimes the payout is low.

Start tutoring

How to make money online
How to make money online

If you have academic expertise, why not turn it into a side hustle by becoming an online tutor?

Sites like UK Tutors and My Tutor are good places to start. Your expertise will determine how much you make, depending on whether you’ve received A-Levels or a Degree in the subject that you wish to tutor. Expect to make anywhere from £10 – £30 an hour depending on the site you use and the age of the students that you tutor.

Set up a side hustle or small business and sell on your own website

Coronavirus has driven us online to spend our hard-earned cash, with more than half of shoppers worldwide saying they shop online more frequently now than they did pre-pandemic, according to UNCTAD.

If you’re looking to make money online and want to use your entrepreneurial skills, It may be time to consider getting your small business idea off the ground! Coronavirus has caused a huge shift in how we work, inspiring many people to think about changing their career. Research by SME loans found that 64% of the UK workforce wants to set up a business, with 18 – 24 year olds making up the age group most likely to set up their own ventures for financial gain.

To raise a profile with potential customers, you’ll need to make sure your business is visible on the web by creating (and marketing) a website or using online marketplaces. “With so many of us using mobile devices, it has become extremely important for businesses to be seen at the right time by the right person,” says Allen Betchley, creative director at web design agency Progression (part of the UNA-Collective). “There is certainly now more of an expectation from the consumer that business information will be available on the web.”

When you set up a website, you’ll need to buy a domain name from a company such as 123 Reg or Wix. The cost of designing and building a website varies but expect to pay at least £8,000 + VAT for a basic e-commerce site (through which you can sell products directly to the customer). If you just want a site that tells customers about your goods and services with a contact form and a blog, expect to pay around £3,000 + VAT for someone to design and build it for you.

Sell your things via an online marketplace

How to make money online
How to make money online

If you’re not ready to pay for your own e-commerce website, an online marketplace has lower start-up costs and gives you access to an existing community of shoppers:

eBay. In order to sell large quantities on eBay, you need to set up a business account. Go to its Seller Centre for info on fees. Once registered, you’ll also be given the option to sign up for an eBay Shops account for added perks, which starts at £25.
Amazon. If selling more than 35 items a month, Amazon’s costs start at £25 a month (excl. VAT) plus additional fees. To get an estimate for how much you’d pay, use Amazon’s Fee calculator.
Etsy. It costs 15p per listing to sell an item. In addition to this, you will pay a 5% transaction fee for every sale. Advanced features, such as a custom page and web address and advertising credits, costs £7.30 a month.

NotOnTheHighStreet. You have to apply to be a seller on NotOnTheHighStreet and your business must be registered in the UK or Ireland. If you are selected to appear on the site, you must pay a one-off fee of £238.80. You will then be charged 25% commission plus VAT per sale.

Sell DVDs, games and more for cash

If you have a stash of unloved DVDs, video games, books, an old mobile or laptop, you can sell these online for cash. Webuybooks, Ziffit, MusicMagpie, CeX, GameXhange and SellMyMobile will all pay to take them off your hands but don’t expect to get rich. Most older DVDs, CDs and games will earn you less than 30p each, but with free postage and packaging it can be a quick and easy way to clear the junk and make a bit of cash. Some sites have a minimum value or number of items to trade in. It’s always good to check out 2-3 sites and compare where you can get the best price. If you’re not in a rush and have higher value item such as a limited edition toy or album, you’ll probably get more selling on eBay. But many rate Amazon Marketplace as the best for selling books as you can list up to 35 books a month for free and leave them up until they have sold. You’ll be charged 75p per book and a percentage of the total when the item sells.