….expresses dismay that the UPND is allegedly training 60, 000 militia to cause violence in the country.

Advocates for National Development and Development (ANDD) has appealed to Zambia police to investigate the opposition UPND for various allegations of violence.

ANDD Executive Director Samuel Banda says Zambia is a peaceful country and any intent to cause civil unrest should not be entertained.

Mr Banda has since explained that it is important for Zambia police to investigate thoroughly the allegations as the country heads towards the polls.

“We are dismayed by revelations that the UPND is allegedly training over 60,000 militias,” he said.

“Not only is this illegal and tantamount to treason, it also erodes the basic tenets of our democracy, allowing people to participate in elections peacefully.”

He has since called on Zambians to look critically at the actions of the UPND and ask if this is the kind of governance the country needs.

“Violence and civil war have no place in our society,” said Mr Banda.


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