…they thought by objecting bill 10, president Lungu will not be a candidate but he is our candidate…

PRESIDENT Edgar Chagwa Lungu will win this year’s elections without a rerun because the PF have numbers in their six strongholds and have also penetrated the UPND strongholds says Former Goverment Chief Whip, Hon Brian Mundubile.

And Mr Mundubile who is also re-contesting Mporokoso seat on the PF ticket says UPND MPs wasted their time objecting bill 10 instead of encouraging eligible voters to register because they mistakenly thought by objecting the bill they will president Lungu from contesting.

Speaking, wednesday, during the second PF Virtual campaign rally at Mulungushi conference centre, Mr Mundubile stated that the PF would ensure that “there is massive turn out in our strongholds having learned lesson from the poor turn out in 2016”.

“PF MPs went to camp in their constituencies.

That’s where we got those numbers. in our strongholds. We’ve got the numbers now. numbers do not lie. we have numbers now.

Not only do we have numbers in our strongholds we have penetrated their strongholds, ” confidently said hon Mundubile

” There is no magic in this election. For all those doubting Thomases be told now.

Dont be cheated! Do not be cheated! We’ve got our numbers now. And do you know what, we will ensure that voters in our strongholds turn up in numbers to vote on 12th August.”

He also said the UPND are aware of their 7th pending defeat in a roll and are now in high gear to create doubt about the voter’s roll and complaining to international institutions about the electoral process to force a government of national unity which the PF will never allow to happen.

“I can guarantee you the results is known.

The UPND know very well also that they are losing this election.

They are trying to create an environment, talking to their foreign friends complaining about the electoral process and voter Registration… they want to create a situation where when they lose government we should be forced to go into government of national unity but that will not happen.

we are winning this election we are winning it clean without even a rerun.” He said in the most reassuring tone.

Meanwhile, the former minister wondered what message the UPND will offer to the women, the youths and differently abled people after vehemently objecting the bill that would have ensured a mixed member proportional proportional system.

“I want to hear the message the UPND will take to Mungwi because the people of Mungwi will continue to suffer because of the UPND.

Mungwi would have had 3 constituencies had the UPND supported the amendment process and accelerated development in the areas would have been eminent,

“They went on radio and TV to say bill 10 is evil because they thought president Lungu will not be a candidate, today president Lungu is our candidate without bill 10.

They tried the eligibility case, President Lungu is still there. UPND is dead scared of President Lungu.

They have actually conceded defeat. Kale ba Lusa. They are now trying to build a case.

They are causing violence, raising accusations on the judiciary.

And Mundubile said if UPND was read to govern their conduct and treatment of government institutions would have demonstrated

“if they were ready to rule their conduct would have reflected. they would have shown that they respect institutions of governance but they are fighting each institution every day.

But we know what their plan is. Their plan is to cause chaos now, they are raising concerns on the voter registration.”

Mr Brian Mundubile is professional lawyer who is a Memeber of the Central committee of the PF.

He served as Minister of Northern Province and later as Government chief whip


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