… says the opposition should be patient and allow the PF and President Lungu to continue delivering development.

Chief Kalasa Lukangaba of the Aushi speaking people in Mansa district says there is no wind of change to warrant change of Government in the country.

Speaking when PF Presidential running mate Professor Nkandu Luo paid a courtesy call on him at his palace, Chief Kalasa said there is no doubt that the PF has delivered massive development across the country.

He said unneccessary change of Governments does not guarantee development but instead takes the country backwards.

“There is no wind of change in the country as some people are claiming. When there is wind of change everyone can feel it. Change of Government does not guarantee development but takes the country backwards, we don’t want what the PF Governmenthas done to derail,” Chief Kalasa said.

” The opposition should be patient and allow the PF to rule and develop the country, when there time comes they will also rule. I want to urge President Lungu not to worry because the people want the PF to continue in office, ” He said.

And Chief Kalasa said political violence should be condemned by all well meaning Zambians.

He said Zambia is peaceful and that there is no need to shed blood because of elections.

” God will not allow violence in this country because we don’t need blood shed in the name of politics. I urge the political leadership in the country to ensure that their members refrain from violence and anyone found wanting should be dealt with accordingly regardless of their political affiliations, ” Chief Kalasa said.

And PF Presidential running mate Professor Nkandu Luo said it is very dangerous to change leadership at this critical time.

Professor Luo said there is nothing that the opposition will do if elected into office.

” Only the PF can execute the developmental agenda in the country, the opposition has nothing to offer and will do nothing if elected into office,” Professor Luo said.

” The PF has delivered in all sectors, we are still developing and other projects are work in progress,” She said.

Meanwhile, Professor Luo said the UPND has resorted to violence because they have no clear message to convince majority Zambians to vote for them.


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