Triple M feat Jorzzi Mboloke || Download MP3 & Video
Triple M feat Jorzzi Mboloke || Download MP3 & Video

Kopala’s rap virtuoso, Triple M, collaborates with the unmatched vocal prowess of Jorzzi in the scintillating video song “Mboloke,” an ode to the art of enjoying life in the vibrant setting of a club. The visual narrative unfolds with a pulsating rhythm, capturing the essence of nightlife in both Kopala and Lusaka. Triple M’s razor-sharp verses, delivered with unparalleled charisma, paint a vivid picture of revelry, camaraderie, and the magnetic allure of the dance floor.

Jorzzi’s soulful vocals add a layer of sophistication to the track, elevating it to an immersive experience that transcends typical club anthems. The video is a visual feast, featuring dynamic choreography, neon-lit scenes, and glimpses of the infectious energy that defines Zambia’s nightlife. The collaboration between Triple M and Jorzzi creates a harmonious fusion of rap and soulful melodies, making “Mboloke” an irresistible anthem for those seeking an escape into the pulsating rhythm of the night.

The storytelling within the lyrics, combined with the vibrant cinematography, transforms “Mboloke” into more than just a song; it becomes a cinematic celebration of life, love, and the unbridled joy found within the beats of a club. This collaboration solidifies Triple M and Jorzzi’s status as trendsetters, leaving an indelible mark on Zambia’s music landscape.


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