Unearthing dirty under ZRA boss Chanda





***A clean government can not tolerate the likes of Kingsley. chanda

People didn’t vote for President Hakainde Hichilema because they were swept off their feet by his campaign promises, rather they voted for change to do away with the rot of PF, people grew tired of the extravagance of the PF theft and looting of government coffers while people suffered.

The PF government operated like a mafia organization with Lungu at the top as a Godfather while Ministers, permanent secretaries and quasi government heads were mob leader. There was no respect or regard for the rule of law or procedures in place. This was done to satisfy their own greedy needs while Zambians were left with no option but to vote them out and look to HH so as to restore law and order. Fast forward to more than one month in office the majority of the mafia establishment is still in office as the mob leaders are still allowed to occupy sensitive offices.

To flow past trends, a change of government should be a change and clean-up of the old mafia system, all bad eggs must be thrown out immediately to avoid sabotage, tampering with evidence and of course to start afresh after all these same corporate mafias aided their fellow PF Mafia, whether you like it or not loyalty doesn’t not shift quickly or entirely, don’t expect them to quickly betray the God father easily that they have skeletons on each other.

One such mob boss who needs to be rooted immediately is the ZRA boss Kingsley Chanda and the reasons are very simple but first allow me to second guess the reasons why he is still in office when we all excepted him to be flashed out by now; one of the reasons is that maybe the new dawn government have allowed him to stay so as not to disturb the budget allocation for 2022 has ZRA is considered a key component to that aspect, secondly he is rumoured to have traded sides before elections and even offered cash injection to the UPND during the campaign period in exchange to keep his job (yes he has serious financial muscle- corruption proceeds) and thirdly he has taken the knee before the new boss in town and pleaded as well promised to collect more taxes on behalf of the government because he knows too well who he has been shielding, there by betraying his thuggish friends after all his well known for his treacherous behaviour. If not any of the above then I too will believe that his witchdoctor is indeed powerful.

It is a known fact that Kingsley is a dead man walking especially in the new dawn government. He is despised heavily. But people must hate him so much for a reason some say it’s because he has sealed all the loop holes for officers and agents to steal, well that’s not it only. Kingsley is a very smart man who knows too well the rule of the mob “Always Keep your hands clean at all costs” but he can’t be entirely clean for example his social life has been a huge source of debate. He has multiple young women who he funds entirely buying them expensive cars and homes while some have been employed in ZRA without regarding employment procedure for the institution as well as been promoted against the lead down promotion policy within the institution, I will talk more about this later. Well he does all this while his immediate family has relocated to Canada where they are permanent residents simply because he wants to behave like a play boy, yes he is the number one ZRA PLAY BOY but surely a man at his level should not be subject to a life style audit because he can afford it from all the untraceable corruption he is involved in, the kickbacks are hefty (we shall avoid mentioning names for the sake of avoiding collateral damage).

Years ago when he took the helm at ZRA he was forced to request the change of his personal driver because the man had confronted him about his heavy sexual appetite, on an easy weekend morning the driver was instructed to bring back and forth 6 different girls in one day to a certain hotel for quick sex escapades. The driver lost it and confronted his master this wasn’t the first time the two had sparked earlier in his job the same individual was also once instructed to not report for a pick up on a Monday morning at the new kasama home as his master had lied that he was on a work trip out of town when in fact not so when the driver showed up to pick up his boss the wife was surprised to see a driver that was out of town in Lusaka, ultimately the wife is extremely frustrated with his womanising behavior.

Kinsley’s associations are very questionable for example he keeps a very close association with a certain businessman in Livingstone who he shields from tax audits for example two years down the line Tax inspectors visited the businessman’s bar to conduct spot book checks only to be called by their immediate supervisors that a call from Lusaka had instructed them not to conduct that audit, the same business man is a also a director in one of Kinsley’s companies which he has constantly denied for fear of been corned on conflict of interest. Additionally Kingsley is friends with a Zambian Lebanese who is a well-known mining thug, the two are associates in many businesses as well as maintain a certain house in kabulonga which they use for business and pleasure. The Lebanese is allowed to import copper ores from Congo without paying anything to ZRA through Lonshi which is not even a border, anyone is free to go there and see for themselves. This is done in a very smart way, Kingsley simply allowed copper ore to be added to the VAT General rules for VAT deferment then advised his colleague to apply for VAT Deferment.

Kinsley’s clearing company which he runs through his family has been at the centre of defrauding Zambia of vast amounts of taxes by carefully avoiding VAT payments and this is how it’s done; Ciltax is the clearing agent of Zamm Imports who are the sole exporters of sugar to Congo, Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda and Burundi. As the agent; Ciltax generated the export documents and holds the responsibility to ensure that the sugar meant for export exits the country as it is sold without VAT making it cheaper than other brands. After this Ciltax is supposed to keep a copy of the export documents stamped and signed by an officer at the border. However that is not the case, the majority of the exports generated through Ciltax are sold locally after the documents are generated Ciltax acquits the documents and stamps them with a forged ZRA stamp. Ciltax benefits from the kickbacks from clients for the acquittal process, Kingsley knows this very well and has avoided implementing export acquittals on ASYCUDA for him to continue enjoying looting the agents have their own ZRA stamp. Anyone one can visit the borders to compare what’s on the system and what’s in the registers to confirm this allegation. The discrepancy is huge.

Not so recent government brought about the removal of taxes on edible oil and petroleum without seeking an alternative revenue stream this didn’t even help reduced the price of either products so automatically it means the importers who are aligned to the mafia and mob benefited but not the general public. This was a campaign gimmick brought about through him so ultimately the government lost money.

Not so recent ZRA as an organization decided to have what was termed as a “PROMOTION BONANAZA” all in the name of appeasing his bootlickers and concubines. The ZRA promotion policy is very straight and clear on promotions, it outlines that for one to be promoted the Line manager must support the nomination as well as that person must have acted or performed in a similar role for over a year but this was not the case recently as the majority of people promoted didn’t even have degrees or recommendations from line managers, a total abuse of power.

Additionally according to the recent auditor general’s report which Kingsley himself has seen the following discrepancies where reported:
1. Failure to meet target
2. Escalation of tax arrears K 59,659,000,000.00
3. Failure to collect withheld VAT K9,474,014,063.00
4. Unaccounted for removals in transit K25,289,698.00
5. Expired CIPs K117,917,353.00
6. Assessments not paid K27,945,606.00
7. Failure to dispose forfeited motor vehicles K3,178,081.00
8. Failure to dispose of forfeited goods K4,766,457.00
9. Unaccounted for seized goods at Kazungula border includes Scania Rigid truck and 2 trailers with 700bags of salt as well as fuel
10. Increase in personal expenditure by 82% (1,147,996,922)
11. Failure to claim security bond for construction of chinsali ZRA office after cancellation of contract (826,181.21)
12. Full payment made for non-complete project; Lighting mist at chirundu K 730,000.00
13. Discrepancy between the payroll and establishment- Ghost workers 53
14. Failure to fill key vacant positions
15. Payment of salaries above maximum approved notches K527,491.69
16. Double payment of social club allowance K117,700.00
17. Failure to deduct rent from accommodated employees K 340,440.00
18. Unrecovered loans and advances from separated staff K 225,177.80
19. Double payment of leave allowance K 1,701,347.83
20. Failure to secure/Remove SAP Redundant clients and default user accounts
21. Separated employees still active on the active directory with access to sensitive systems

We would like to strongly recommend to the UPND new dawn government to not go to bed with the Mafia or be swayed by Kinsley’s sweet talk of collecting more revenue, he does that well pocketing money from his criminal friends some who we have avoided mentioning for fear of collateral damage. Please these a lot of man power within ZRA as well as Zambians that are capable of doing far way better than him, even the crop of people who left ZRA are capable OF GREATER WORKS, Kingsley shouldn’t be spared, let him step aside immediately so that an independent audit is done on the entire establishment of ZRA because we know for sure that this man is a mafia, audio recordings are in public domain to prove he was aligned to PF and contributed in wrong doing. We need professionals whose loyalty is to Zambia certain not bootlicker mafias who change loyalty to suit their own selfish needs. ZRA is the cash cow of Zambia lets not play around with criminals what are you waiting for chop Kinsley’s Head. Let him go and rest his done his part.

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