Chilufya Tayali writes


I told you HH and Kambwili are water and oil, they can’t work together.OPPOSITION National Democratic Congress (NDC) leader Chishimba Kambwili says Opposition leader Hakainde Hichilema has a a serious complex where he thinks he is superior Reacting to the change of name for the opposition Alliance to UPND Alliance and adoption of Mr Hichilema as UPND Alliance Presidential Candidate for 2021, Mr Kambwili said he wished Mr Hichilema well but added that Mr Hichilema does not learn from history.“Over the past few months, we have been in talks with my brother Hichilema but it appears he has been in a hurry to dominate the Alliance, the same tactics that made him fail to work with the PF before 2011. He is more concerned about himself and no one else,” said Kambwili.He said some so-called Alliance members have no following apart from their own families“Just look at Milupi, he was no better than James Lukuku, May His Soul Rest in peace. Now, my brother wants to believe that he is in alliance with the opposition parties. Which ones?” he asked.Mr Kambwili said just like the late Michael Sata became President after 10 years of the PF’s formation, he will become the 7th President of Zambia.“Lesa ni malyotola. He sees how our brother wants to always use people for their identity in order to get to Plot One but we can only wish him the best. Am sure he will be trying people like Kalaba because of his identity “, he said.Mr Kambwili said only Hichilema learnt the reasons why God has delayed him from leading this country, he would have slowed down and avoided repeating mistakes of using people for his personal end.“As NDC, we are focused on unseating the PF which has been tainted with corruption and scandals but we won’t do so just for purposes of aiding one person. We are a party who must be respected unlike those other parties in the UPND alliance who are just ticks on Mr Hichilema’s finances,” said Kambwili.During a press briefing this yesterday, Mr Charles Milupi announced the change of name for the opposition Alliance to UPND Alliance and that the UPND Alliance has adopted Mr Hichilema as it’s Presidential Candidate.TAYALI NI TOUCH AND GO, PRESIDENT WAPA EASY!EEP – ICHALO BANTU!ZAMBIA MUST BE OWNED BY ZAMBIANS!