PF has made significant inroads in North Western, Western and Southern Provinces.

Lusaka Province Vice PF campaign coordinator Hon. Mumbi Phiri has predicted a 70% win for President Lungu in the forth coming General elections slated for August 12th, 2021.

Speaking on the PF Interactive Forum, a premium dialogue platform of the Patriotic Front which hosts PF functionaries to discussions of national Importance, in Lusaka this evening, Hon. Phiri who is the immediate past Patriotic Front Deputy Secretary General said UPND nolonger had any strongholds to boast of.

She said the PF had made sufficient inroads in North Western, Western and Southern Provinces, such that the votes that would come from those areas would shock the UPND.

She said the UPND had lost the plot in their previous so called strong holds when their leader HH forbid his MPs, Council Chairpersons and Councillors from working with the government of the day which caused them to be non performing, rendering them ineffective as they were unable to lobby for development for their people.

She guessed this certainly must have caused them to feel it was unfair for them to hold on to positions in which they were not performing because they had been expressly forbidden to lobby for development from President Lungu and the PF Government who manage the resources of the nation.

She said HH insulted his councillors by accusing them of being bought by PF which no doubt angered them and caused even more of them to resign, further compounding the situation for the UPND and rendering them stronghold less.

She said with all those members leaving the UPND in North western and Western Provinces to Join PF, there was logically no way the two areas could be refered to as UPND strongholds anymore.

She said Mr Hichilema and his UPND were totally inexperienced on how to gain ground stating that PF founder President Michael C. Sata when in opposition instructed his MPs to lobby for development from the sitting Ministers when the MMD Government and President Levy Mwanawasa were in power.

She said only development made people want to align to a party and if that party was giving them nothing, then it was just a matter of time before they joined a winning team, which she said was the case with the people in the previous UPND strongholds.

And Mrs Phiri has charged that the UPND practice social media politics where as the PF are firmly rooted on the ground.

She said she had spent her time doing door to door campaigns with her team which was why she hasn’t been in the media for a while.

She said with the amount of development the PF has delivered to the people of Zambia, it is very easy for them to conduct campaigns even now that there are a lot of covid 19 restrictions because all the PF are doing is pointing at what they have done.

She said in Rufunsa for instance where she had been the past couple of days, for the first time since independence, the area was now connected to the national grid.

Additionally, she said in Kanakantapa, it is only during the PF administration that the area has had roads constructed.

She Said the area now has schools whereas in the past, parents had to send their children to Kasisi once they got to secondary school level.

She said the development that PF has delivered was the reason they would be voted back into office on the 12th of August.

She has urged Zambians to turn up amass on voting day and cast a vote for President Lungu, his running mate Prof. Luo and all PF MPs, Mayors, Council Chairpersons and Councillors.


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