… as he says the PF will not shy away from calling out HH when he tells Zambians lies

Patriotic Front (PF) Media Director Antonio Mwanza says the party has every right to defend President Lungu when he’s attacked and criticized by his political opponents.

Speaking when he featured on a paid for radio program on Radio Phoenix this evening, Mr. Mwanza charged that it is the party’s democratic right to respond and give content to criticism from the opposition on President Lungu’s leadership.

Mr. Mwanza has wondered why people are not concerned when the UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema attacks President Lungu whenever he holds a press briefing but are only concerned when PF members responds to his critics.

“We will maintain our right to respond and we will not shy away, we will respond very viciously; this is our democratic right,” Mr. Mwanza said.

He however stated that the party is not immune to criticism and welcomes it hence it is the reason why the government has opened up the airwaves because it believes in freedom of expression.

The PF Media Director explained that the party has every right to tell Zambians the truth when Mr. Hichilema lies to them that the Kwacha will immediately appreciate if he’s voted into office.

Mr. Mwanza further added that the PF has every right to call out the UPND leader and tell Zambians the truth when he tells them that the high prices of commodities are as a result of poor leadership when it is common knowledge that these challenges are not peculiar to Zambia but a global crisis.

Meanwhile, Mr. Mwanza has rubbished the latest Financial Intelligence report indicating that K 2.2 billion has been stolen as reported by the Financial Intelligence Centre.

He explained that the 2.2 billion being reported by the FIC to have been lost is simply money suspected to have been stolen and there’s no evidence to that effect.

Mr. Mwanza further explained that it is not the mandate of the Financial Intelligence Centre to give unverified Intelligence information to the media adding that it is for this reason that only two cases have been prosecuted in the courts out of the numerous cases they have given to the media.

“What the Intelligence Centre is doing releasing unverified, unreliable intelligence Information is Professional indiscipline,” Mr. Mwanza charged.

And Mr. Mwanza has reiterated that President Lungu and the PF government remains committed to the fight against corruption.

He explained that it is for this reason that the PF government under the able leadership of President Lungu has strengthened and invested heavily in institutions that fight corruption such as improving the worker’s condition of service among others.

And Mr. Mwanza has disclosed that immediately after President Lungu is sworn in after the August polls, the PF government will introduce integrity committees in every Ministry to help identify areas which people have been using as rupe holes to steal money from the government as well as identifying individuals involved in corruption.

The PF Media Director further stressed that President Lungu has demonstrated leadership in the fight against corruption by not shielding any of his cabinet ministers who were alleged to have been involved in corruption and allowed the due process of the law to take its course.


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