In this electrifying Zambian banger, Wilizo Njaku joins forces with the dynamic duo of Sabala Lori and Sky Fun to deliver a high-energy rap anthem that will leave you hooked from the first beat. “Kamata” sets the stage for the future of Zambian music, showcasing the perfect fusion of catchy hooks, robust flows, and infectious energy.

With its pulsating bassline and infectious melody, this 2024 release is poised to become a sensation in the music scene. Wilizo Njaku brings his lyrical prowess, intertwining intricate wordplay with bold and confident delivery. Sabala Lori’s smooth vocals blend seamlessly with Sky Fun’s electrifying verses, elevating the track to new heights.

“Kamata” is more than just a hit—it’s a testament to the evolving sound of Zambian music. Get ready to elevate your playlists and embrace the unrivaled energy of this game-changing collaboration. Download this latest Zambian music gem and witness the magic of “Kamata.”


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