…. And the country is food secure because of the good leadership of President Lungu says Dr. Canisious Banda.

Former UPND Vice President Dr. Canisious Banda says Zambia is a food secure country not only pleasing domestic market but now one of the leading exporters of grain within the continent.

Dr. Banda, who is now a Patriotic Front member, says the country has recorded a bumper harvest and will meet the local demand.

Speaking during the fourth Patriotic Front virtual rally at Mulungushi International Conference Center in Lusaka this afternoon, Dr. Banda said the agriculture sector is performing well under President Lungu and his administration.

“We have a bumper harvest.

Tanzanians are buying soya from here.

Zambia is now a food secure country, not only have we pleased domestic market but now we are one of the leading exporters of grain on the continent.

Now the Millers Association of Zambia is giving permits, dollars are coming in, the kwacha will strengthen,” he said.

He also observed the need for the prices of goods and services to be reduced following the appreciation of the Kwacha.

He further noted that Malawians are bringing their grains into Zambia because the price is competitive and attractive.

Dr. Banda also took time to appreciate the PF manifesto saying it is progressive as compared to the one that was produced by the UPND.

“Let me quickly look at the UPND manifesto 2021 to 2026. If you read Number 8, they talk about eradicating Zesco blackouts.

I have told you that their manifesto is redundant, it requires revision.

Because what they talk about have been dealt with accordingly by President Lungu.

UPND manifesto is moribund and it should be thrown into a bin or revised,” he added.


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