The Evangelical Youth Alliance International says it is disappointing that international election observers want to conduct themselves in a manner that is not in conformity with the existing laws of Zambia.

Organization Executive Director Reverend Moses Lungu tells Smart Eagles in an exclusive interview that it is unfortunate that the international election observers want to look down on the existing systems.

Rev Lungu said this kind of behavior being exhibited by the observers may not go well with local stakeholders.

“I think coming with an attitude of tribe, looking down our system will not go down with the local stakeholders. Besides the point, Zambia does not need international election observers because we do not have a crisis here. We have been managing elections time and again; and we have had situations where people that are doing the elections if the incumbent wins, we have had peaceful transitions,” he said.

“We have had no chaos or crisis that would call on the international observers. So, they should not take advantage of the gesture that has been accorded to them by creating anarchy and cause civil unrest. This will be very very sad.”

He also stated that the observers need to be politically neutral and very objective.

Rev Lungu indicated that their status should be maintained as observers and not to interfere.

“They should not come with an elite attitude. Zambia is a well organized state. Otherwise if they think they will be spared because they will have the uniforms when there is an eruption of chaos, they are cheating themselves. They will equally be victims of the fire that they are trying to start,” he added.



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